About us

Mr. Kalyanraman

Mr. Mohan Rao

Mr.Mohan Rao started the company UGANDA COCOA & COMMODITIES Ltd. in 2012 and was later joined by Mr.Kalyanraman. With a passion for cocoa bean and a background in agricultural development, they began research on cocoa beans. What started as a hobby soon became a business in its own right. Due to their innovative and refreshing approach to new era, coupled with the quality of the bean used in wide range of products.

We are lucky to have a team of talented farmers who can make anything possible in cocoa. Although in the year 1993 they moved to Uganda on purpose of agriculture, as the UGANDAN land is virgin land which has allowed us extensive play areas in all agricultural products.

Now UGANDA COCOA & COMMODITIES Ltd. is a known cocoa beans trading company and based in the west of Uganda. What makes us different is that we supply at the farmers price not world market price which makes our buyers happy. We produce a wide range of seeds other than cocoa beans using all latest methods, to the highest standards.

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